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 Victoria LeKato

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PostSubject: Victoria LeKato   Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:54 pm


Habbo Name: CrackedRazors


Character name: Victoria LeKato ( Viccy )

Character age: 17

Character Class: Bard

Character Race: Elf

Characters Height: 5 Foot 3 Inches

Characters Weight: 105 pounds.

Characters eye Color: White

Characters Personality: She is very sensitive. Most bad remarks about her result in a fight. He training with her brother Setai has taught her a great deal about swordplay. She can wield he sword with great speed and the blade is razor sharp.

Characters Past: Her and her brother Setai were split when they each turned 5 years old. Being twins, then had telepathic powers that could only be used to communicate with each other. When she turned 15, she felt the pain and sorrow that her brother felt upon their grandfathers death. At 16 She met with her brother and the human Paladin who began immense training with the two.

Characters Apparence:

Characters Weapons: she wields a glowing red sword in her right hand. The sword is nicknamed Agnemmell. In her left hand is a book full of enchantments that help her in combat and enables her to control nature around her. - See Picture Above.

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Victoria LeKato
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