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 Achadiel - The Empyrial Archangel

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PostSubject: Achadiel - The Empyrial Archangel   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:16 am


Name: Achadiel

OOC Name: Joel

Habbo Name: OnTheOffence

Age: 2521 Years Old

Gender: Male

Species: Angel

Height: 7"4'

Weight: 250 Plbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Navy Blue

Personality: Achadiel is an extremely peaceful being. Known as the Angel of Law, he will do what ever it takes to ensure law is carried out.


Abilities: Like all Angels, Achadiel has the ability to use the power of Light.

History: Little is known about Achadiel. It is known though, that his father is one of the most well known Angels of all time.
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Achadiel - The Empyrial Archangel
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