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 Ryuu The angelic Dragon Of Light

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PostSubject: Ryuu The angelic Dragon Of Light   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:38 am


Habbo Name: Eric0005


Character name: Ryuu

Character age: He was around for when the land started. (Unknown)

Character Class: Healer

Character Race: Light Dragon

Characters Region: Light

Characters Height: 10 Ft

Characters Length: 15 Ft

Characters Weight: 2000lbs

Characters Wingspan: 40 Ft (20 Ft Each Wing)

Characters eye Color: Changes From; Blue,Red,Yellow,Pink,White,Black

Characters Personality: Ryuu is a happy peaceful dragon that can bring peace to you if you let him. But Ryuu can get angry and will change form.

Characters Past: Ryuu once was Ivoris the frost dragon many years ago, once he was given the orb of light he replaced the orb of ice with it. Thus causing him to change form, preserve age, speak other language, and boost up power. Ryuu has been around in the lands longer than most creatures and other dragons. Due to the orbs power Ryuu does not age much, so he will continue to live or for ever how much he can.

Characters Apparence: In his feathered form;
Feathered body, no scales in this form, skin is almost as touch as diamond. Glowing white orb in chest, or carrying it.

Normal Dragon Form;

Angry Form;
When Ryuu is outraged he remains white but his feathers are shifted into hard scales, and he is always coated with a unseeable light energy.

Characters Weapons: Ryuu uses his razor sharp claws, teeth, and feathers. His feathers can be used as weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu The angelic Dragon Of Light   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:27 pm

>;O !! Wtf! u stole my pic! The white dragon [Scales] [Armourish looking] [The pissed you] GAWD NOW I HATE YOU! You know what! YOU CAN DIE IN A DEEP DARK DAMP WELL! Hate Joo D;
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Ryuu The angelic Dragon Of Light
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