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 Vittoria Mai.

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PostSubject: Vittoria Mai.   Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:10 pm


Habbo Name: FalselyTrue
Real Name: Rain.


Character Name:
Vittoria Katia Mai.

Alias: "V".

Character Age:
She appears to be a young woman of 19, truly she is three-thousand sixty-nine years young.

Character Class:
Assassin, has attributes of other classes such as Archer and Elementalist.

Character Race:

Character's Height:
Five foot eight inches.

Character's Weight:
One-hundred and one pounds.

Character's Eye Color:
Vittoria eyes are constantly shimmering and giving off a fiery aura. Her eyes are usually a luminescent gold with undertones of reds and oranges.

Character's Personality:
She is a woman of graceful stature and is quite reticent. She is more inclined to quiet, intimate settings with few people. If ever caught alone she can be quite intimidating only with her words. She is quite analytical, witty, and always seems to know exactly how to respond.

Characters Past:
Vittoria remembers being born amongst a field of flowers and being left there alone. She grew up with a group of people not very much like herself, all different races. She recieved many lessons throughout her life, one of which stuck with her. The lesson: Never to Love. She grew unaccustomed to this unachievable emotion of love. Everyone she befriended, any guy she crossed passed with she only felt lust and that was all, all it could ever be. She later left this "family", sent off to live with an older man who was the leader of a cult or clan, he trained her to be the best and merciless, killing her victims quick and painlessly. She is known to be one of the best female assassins in the land.

Characters Appearence:
Vittoria, as always been the on the radar of many due to her exotic , yet innocent allure. She has a very Latin look; naturally tan skin, the lucid Spanish accent that seems to involuntarily project through the area, and god-given curves. The most distinguishable feature on her body is ever lustrous, golden eyes. They are naturally bewitching and seem to draw you in at first glance. She is usually clad in quite provocative robings displaying her slender yet, vuluptuous figure. Vittoria's lengthy, lustrous locks are usually pinned in various fashions, rarely ever seen cascading.

Characters Weapons:
Vittoria is usually scene with a diamond cut blade strapped to her thigh, along with a cherry red wooden bow with many arrows in her wool sling she carries. She is seen with various glass vials filled with different substances. The most famous of those vials contains a colorless, unidentifiable liquid which she saturates her arrows and tip of her blade with. It is said to cause her victims no pain.
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Vittoria Mai.
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