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 Amber Adya; Drow Youkai

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PostSubject: Amber Adya; Drow Youkai   Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:20 pm

-x-Name: :Abby:22
-x-Gender: Female

-x-Name: Amber Adya
-x-Age: 14
-x-Gender: Female
-x-Height: 4'5
-x-Weight: 69 Pounds
-x-Race: Drow youkai mix
-x-Class: Bard
-x-Hair: Gold
-x-Eyes: Brown
-x-Personality: She's very Kind, sometimes rude if made angry, or in her extreme wolf/ fox form. Shes also very shy. It's rare that she isn't blushing when talking to a stranger or stumbling over words. She has a flute holder strapped to her leg, for easy reach. She can control wind. She sometimes plays pranks on her friends, and knocks them down with wind.
-x-Fox Form:
-x-Extreme Form:
-x-Extreme Desc: When Amber is very angry she turns into this crazed whiteish purple wolf with wings. She doesn't usually attack anyone, but once when she was in a forest alone, she was very mad, and she turned into the wolf, attacking everything in her way, animals, trees, plants and one man who had been venturing alone in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Her fur sparks with electricity, but it only shocks you if you touch her. She is slowly learning to control it and shoot it at other things.
-x-Father Andy:
-x-Brother Arcane:
-x-Arkade Form:
-x-Brother Desc:His left eye is Dark Black like a huge abyss. His right eye is Dark Red like the firey pits of a volcano.
He likes to walk in the forest. He enjoys to destroy things. He is devilishly hansom and usually uses it to his advantage.He has a very elegant fighting style and a hypnotic voice.He wears a scarf over most of his face. He wears gloves. He uses these to hide his appearnce as a drow.Arcane has a second mind. It calls himself Arkade. It is a overflowing mass of energy demon that took itself upon Arcane when he was 5.He can call upon his power at will. They together create one dark being. calld Arkadian the hypnotic mage.
-x-Best Friend[Almost Sister]: Seirei-
-x-True Love:
-Love's Desc: He was an evilish youkai, somewhat like Amber's father, being evil. He and Amber were about to battle, but they instantly stopped when their eyes met. He captured her heart in that one second. He felt the same way with Amber. His name was Falak, meaning star. This name was perfectly fitting for him, because to Amber, he was a star. One night togeather, in the forest, She looked up to the night skys. She saw a small twinkling star, so beautiful that she named it Falak. Her love was banished from the land, by Ambers father, who had taken the land by force.
-x-Weapons: Daggers, Long Blade Sword, Twin Blades, Long Blade sword, Called Pain, Wrist Blades.
-x-Weapon Pictures:
-x-Wood Flute:
-x-Companion Description: A large winged lizard of some sort. It has six legs,four eyes, a long tail with feathers at the end and large wings. Its colors are blue, white and grey. It has jewels encrested on its body. It was origonally a white dragon, but when it was attacked, it was cut up horribly. A wizard of some sort came along that path, and seeing the injured dragon, tried to help it. He used some magic on it, which changed its form completly. When its with its Mate, which was purple, and Amber named Amatista He goes into his origonal form.
-x-Wild Pet Origional Form:
-x-Name: Fayrouz
-x-Age: 873 years
-x-Gender: Male
-x-Changed Form:
-x-Changed Desc: When Amber changes into her wolf form, her dragon shifts into a larger dragon with 4 legs, a long slim tail, a scar under its right eye, large horns and sharper claws. His arms, legs, head, wings and more grows larger while he changes.
-x-Fayrouz And Amatista:
-x-Their Child Kawthar:
-x-Mount: Sometimes she rides Fayrouz, Amatista or Kawthar. Her main Mount is Finto or Scralet the wolves.
-x-Pet Finto:
-x-Pet's Mate Scarlet:
-x-Desc Of Pet and Mate: Finto and Scarlet are very protective of Amber if she's in her normal for Or wolf form. They are most protective when she is in wolf form, because she is so fragile. They act as if they were Amber's parents, growling whenever someone gets to near, Especially boys and male wolfs.
-x-History: When Amber was three, and her brother Arcane was four, she was sitting alone in the forest playing with a bunny. It was the night of his fourth birthday. He had a dream that he was in a dark room only lit by candles. It was a huge box with words on teh walls. He only could decipher them. When he read from the wall he noticed a Yellow light in his hand. It was lightning. Then suddenly it shot up to the ceiling of the cave he was in and there was this huge explosion and he woke up in his house. The building was on fire. The boy was scared out of his mind. His mother rushed into his bed room to be engulfed by the flames. She was burning alive as the boy watched. He started chanting lines from the cave he remembered. Then suddenly water sprang from the side of him. It seemed to have come from nowhere. It slammed into his mother. But he was to late. The fire had already burned her down to a skeleton. Back in the village, before the accident, some bandits had started fires in all of the huts. Everyone except for Amber's father and brother had died. Amber's mother had died during the accident. When Amber had returned, to her surprise there was only piles of ashes, and her family. Her father was glad to see the Amber had survived. Her dad took Amber and Arcane along on a travel for new land. They found a large city, and her father, being an evil drow, decided he wanted it. He attacked the ruler, and took over the city by force. He ruled the land, with everyone obeying him, fearing that he might attack if they acted otherwise. That year, Amber met a elf youkai named Seirei. They became great friends, almost sisters. A few years later when Amber was twelve, she met a youkai, who was thirteen, named Falak. He was being rude to her, making evil remarks to her back. She got into a fighting position, and turned to attack him, but as soon as they gazed at each other they both froze. She stood straight, looking over his face. His reaction was the same. She thought he was the most handsom boy she'd ever seen, and he thought she was very beautiful. He walked foreward casually, his arms outstretched, and started apologizing. She ran into his arms quietly, and they knew that their love for each other was like nothing else. He took her out into the forest every night and they gazed into the stars. A year later on a dark night she saw a bright star that she was very fond of. She named it her Falak star. Falak meant Star, so it was perfect. About a year later, Amber's father banished Falak from the land after Seirei's brother Kyrox, who was very protective of Amber, has spyed on them and saw them kissing in the forest. Seirei was furious with Andy for hurting Amber, so she took Amber. Lupus and Arcane away to find new land. Seirei and Lupus's brother Kyrox stayed, wanting to rule the land after Amber's father was gone, since Andy had become quiet fond of Kyrox. Before he left, he gave Amber a diamond, ruby and emerald encrested bracelet. She gave him her favorite necklace, so he would never forget. He wore it around his neck the day he left. Amber cried alone at night for months, missing Falak deeply. They found new lands. They stayed there, with all of the people, animals and creatures. Every night Amber looks up to the stars, and gazes at her star...her Falak..

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PostSubject: Re: Amber Adya; Drow Youkai   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:25 pm

To All Who Read This Message:

.... Razz .... SILVER VIOLATED MY CHIN!!!! affraid .. That is all.

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PostSubject: Re: Amber Adya; Drow Youkai   Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:57 pm

Meow...Meeeooowwww..... Love Mai Bio! Random ppoooosssssssttttssssss... My bro was booorrrnnn oooonnnn vvvaaalllleeennnttiiiinnneeessss dddaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Amber Adya; Drow Youkai   

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Amber Adya; Drow Youkai
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