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 Zeryn the Two-Faced Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Zeryn the Two-Faced Bounty Hunter   Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:46 pm


Habbo Name: Ancientraven


Name: Zeryn "The Traitor" Alcatraz

Age: He was there when the Earth was made.

Weight: Unknown (Because he can control his muscle mass)

Height: 6"2 Ft

Race: Two-Face

Class: Warrior

Eye color: Yellow [Human] Black [Demon]

Hair Colour: Teal [Human] Unknown [Demon]

Powers: In both forms he can control fire, but in demon form he can control fire in massive amounts.

Kinesis' Learned: Pyrokinesis

Personality: Very easygoing, Fun, and Exciting. If you're on the bounty list, he'll find you no matter how close you are to him. But if you're his buddy and not on the bounty list expect great respect...He is also the Leader of the BHS (Bounty Hunter Society).

Past: He has a very foggy past since he was a demon at birth..The only thing he knows is...Money matters and the world's a enemy.

Appearance [Demon]:

Appearance of his Severing Flame Sword:

Demon Form: Yes, as you heard he can control it..Yet he has a thirst for human blood, however he doesn't kill his friends for food. His demon form is 5x stronger than his human for, he raerly uses it unless soemthings bothering him

Severing Fire Sword: He takes care of his sword very well, handmade by him he is very fortunate to have this blade. He can control any element in his sword, yet he prefers fire. His blade is sharper than before, he can cut through steel like butter for it's strength and cause the fire melts the steel. The blade can go over 1000 degrees celsius..

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Zeryn the Two-Faced Bounty Hunter
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