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 scollef01 - Hex

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PostSubject: scollef01 - Hex   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:08 pm


Habbo Name: scollef01


Character name: Hex

Character age: 301

Character Class: Alchemist

Character Race: Drow

Characters Height: 6"2

Characters Weight:260 lbs

Characters Personality: Friendly to the people he can trust, and suspicious of people he dosn't know.

Characters Past: Taught Alchemy and melee combat by a crazy Drow he crossed paths with, the Drow was an expert fighter and Alchemist and he taught Hex all he knew. He taught him from the age of 50 to 200 when the Drow died by suicide.

Characters Apparence:

Clothes vary.

Characters Weapons:
Hex prefers to create weapons from his surroundings but incase he dosn't get chance he carries:
Two elven short swords on his back in a cross sheath.
One long curved dagger attached to his belt.
Several shurikens along his belt.
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scollef01 - Hex
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