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 Ryan Venskie

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Ryan Ven

PostSubject: Ryan Venskie   Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:38 pm


Habbo Name: Ryan - Nash


Character name: Ryan Venskie

Character age: 19

Character Class: Archer

Character Race: Youkai

Characters Height: 5' 10

Characters Weight: 122 Pounds

Characters eye Color: Blue & Green

Characters Personality: Fun , Stealthy , Serious

Characters Past: Being born in Unknown Wastelands, Ryan's Parents moved him to a better home, Throught the bloodline Was Youkai's , Ryan was Lied to many time's And now Hates being lied to

Characters Apparence: [Youkai' Form : Cheetah ] Usually Ryan will be seen in His Youkai form, [E.g With his tail and claws still out] His eye's are a mix of blue and green' He has a scar over his eye, Going through it,

Characters Weapons:

(If youkai)
Animal Form: Cheetah

(If Two Faced)
Demon Form: [None ]
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Ryan Venskie
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