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 Sonny Psychopathis Asassin

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PostSubject: Sonny Psychopathis Asassin   Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:58 pm

Name Icly: John quid
Name oocly: Sonny-agazzino
Age: 20
Weight: unknown
Side: Dark
Features: muscular, full of scars, skilled, trained assassin,
Carrying: two katanas crossed on his back, masked and always smiling in a psychopath state
History: he was known as the joker of assassins he was abandoned by his family because of the power he didnt know he wielded the family abandoned him because they knew he was a crazed bloodlusted psychopath and was a threat to them all.
Powers: Darkness
Eyes: red when in demon form and when angered black when angered and black when human
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Sonny Psychopathis Asassin
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