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 Jessica. (Lycan Leader)

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PostSubject: Jessica. (Lycan Leader)   Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:21 pm


Habbo Name: tinypantha


Character name: Jess

Character age: 14

Character Class: Uhm. What? None...

Character Race: Lycan

Characters Hight: (In lycan form) 10 feet. In human form she is 4'11. Kindof a huge difference. No one would ever guess lol!

Characters Weight: Idk o.O

Characters eye Color: It changes to her mood and what shes doing. Ex, if she is standing on water, her eye is a light glowling purple, and theres also that same colored mist coming from beneath her feet. That would be her aura burning off.

Characters Personality: Jessica is a kind hearted lycan. She tries to help others through problems, and helps them make better choices. She tries to stay as calm as possible durring any situation. Piss her off, you might be in some big trouble. Being extremely curious, dont be surprised if she comes up to sniff you. It takes a lot for her to trust you, even though she acts like she already has. ( Read her past below to know more about her Razz )

Characters Past: Jessica was a popular, pretty, and rich girl at school. She treated the ugly (to her opinion) people very badly, always picking on the nerds and such. At her school there was a witch who kept an eye on her through a mirror that let her see anybody in the whole world. One day, she treated the witch badly and blew her off, and made her extremely angry. The witch turned Jessica into a lycan, and to seal it, only if she got a kiss from her true love, (of course x3) would she ever be able to change forms freely. She could never be a normal person again. When she turned 11, she got attacked by a bear, and got an eye that could never be healed. It is still unhealable today.

Characters Apparence: Uhm. Look at the pictures below :]

Characters Weapons: She has a bag on her back with random items in it. It always appears that in a situation, she always "magically" has the right items in her bag. In that bag is also the mirror that the witch had. She also has a small staff that will shrink and grow so it can fit into her bag. (It does not grow higher than 7 ft tall)

Human form, she used to look like this.

Lycan form, she looks like this.

If ever turned back to a human, she will look sort of like a youkai.

Her staff looks like this.

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Jessica. (Lycan Leader)
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