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 Ryuichi Meigrand

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PostSubject: Ryuichi Meigrand   Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:48 pm

-; Habbo Name: Silverclaw,
-; Real Name: RyRy ;3
-;Sexual Orientation: Male

=== In Character Information ===

-; Character Name: Ryuichi (Ryu for short)
-; Character Race: Wolf Youkai
-; Characters Age: 11 years old
-; Characters Height: 5'2"
-; Characters Weight: 85 pounds
-; Eye Color: Blue Normally (Silver when keeto's unleashed)
-; Hair Color: Varies
-; Relationship Status: Likes to think that hes taken
-; Sexual Feelings: Bi
-; Zodiac: Scorpio

=== Personal Character Information ===

-; Physical Attributes: -;

-; Physical Description: Childlike, cute, innocent
-; Emotional Description: He has a crush on his brother, his emotions are never set in stone.
-; Likes: His brother, Food, the color purple
-; Dislikes: The dark, Being alone, Being forgotten

=== Family ===

-; Family Last Name: Meigrand
-; Family Members: Beethoven Meigrand (Kalaksuki)
-; NPC Members: Mother, Father (Both Dead)

=== Character's Arsenal ===

-; Inventory: A spare set of clothes, Canteen, A loaf of bread.
-; Weaponry:
Wrist Blade:

Wolf Daggers:

Needle Launcher: Needle lancher: A machine on his wrist that fires off various types of toxic needles.
Purple needle:(A Cure for all Toxins he uses)
Green Needle (Attacks the nervious system, paralized)
Black Needle (Attacks the brain, Death)
Red Needle (Attacks his artries making the veins explode, Death)
Silver Needle (Gives them a sezure seeing illusions and then passing out, K.O)
Gold Needle (Toxin going throughout the blood stream killing the person, death)
Wooden Needle (Used just for play/show)
Pink Needle (Once injected, the person is sexually attracted to the first person he/she sees for a limited time)

=== Character's Background/History ===

-; History: Ryu was one of three siblings in a youkai village. A gang called the black roses attacked when he was 5 years old. A man grabbed him once they attacked and ran to safety, this is when he saw the leaders face. He remembered how the black rose leader looked throughout the years. He got to know the man that saved him from the village, and accepted him as his father. He died when Ryu was 7, leaving ryu to fend for himself in the woods. He traveled for about a year wandering the lands, looking for his brother and sister. His father was a wolf youkai, and his mother was a elf. All the females in his family where elves, while the males where wolf youkais. Once he was 8 he came to a log cabin where a man kidnapped him and abused him both physically, emotionally, and sexually. He escaped when his "master" Broke his blade on Ryu's bone. He went out to get a new knife, and ryu cut himself loose with a chip of the blade. Once he was free he ran through the town naked, screaming for help but no one listened. He went to a Inn where a elven couple looked after him for a year. Once he was strong enough he traveled to find his purpose. He encountered other difficulties along the way. Then he arrived at the place he is now.

-; Addition Information:Alternate Personality: His name is keeto, he is a demon that is around 320 years old. He resides within Ryuichi's body, restricted by his young form. He has black aura that transforms itself into 4 aura tendrils.

Keeto's Picture:

Wolf Form: -;
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuichi Meigrand   Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:01 pm

Very good.
I like teh pictures.
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Ryuichi Meigrand
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