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Gash Tar

PostSubject: Minotaur...yeah   Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:12 pm

Habbo Name: MrLKK

Character name: Gash Tarno

Character age: 47

Character Class: Warrior

Character Race: Minotaur

Characters Height: 9'3ft

Characters Weight: 487

Characters eye Color: Bright Red

Characters Personality: Calm-ish with friends, angry and stubborn with people whom aren't.

Characters Past: Gash lived a regular life, for a minotaur, nothing special all his life...that's kind of it.

Characters Apparence:

He is very tall (9'3ft), very muscular, as minotaurs should, has brown fur, about 2ft long curved horns pointed forwards, a line of hair on his forehead in between his eyes spreading out into long, messy hair, an eye patch over his right eye when he was first learning to fight gauged out his right eye with his large axe, and a gold ring in his nose.

Characters Weapons:

Just a giant axe...yeah
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