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 Story Character list.

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PostSubject: Story Character list.   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:56 pm

Allie - The honey eyed waitress, that falls in love with the main character.
The Protagonist - An assassin which his name is never revealed.
Aladenite - The poor boy who introduces him to the bakery.
Jeden - The boy who stole his bag.
Finne - Aladenite's mother, she is never really detailed.
Grandlean - Aladenite's father, owner of bakery.
Ryuichi Meigrand - The Protagonist's brother, is greatly in love with the main character.
Senri - Protagonist's crush, he doesn't like to show it, a spazy, crazy, multi-personality girl.
Keeto - Senri's crush, a powerful demon inside of Ryuichi.
Eledan - An unknown personality inside of the Protagonist, but is described as a ball of yellow fury, killing anything it touches.
Question - An odd man, who can get on the Assassin's nerves, they usually hang out though.
Kaleal Vuletrine - A serious odd boy, similar to the Protagonist. Died when he was mistaken for the Assassin.
Gulliene - A old childhood girl that the Protagonist met, she used to live neighbors to the Protagonist.
Wallern - The protagonist's mentor, died shortly after he left.
Allyssa - The protagonist's true love, she died in a snowy plain. (See Beethoven's Journal)
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Story Character list.
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