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 Character Biography ; Paladin

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PostSubject: Character Biography ; Paladin   Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:46 am


Habbo Name: Joeeh


Character name: Paladin ; No last name.

Character age: 15 in appearance, 1500 in depth.

Character Class: Martial Artist

Character Race: Elemental ; Earth/Geokinesis

Characters Hight: 5'5"

Characters Weight: 110lbs

Characters eye Color: Blue.

Characters Personality: Laid back, only fights when needed, and doesn't get into much trouble. He likes giving advice, but is hardly listened to because he looks as though he's 15.

Characters Past: Was dead smack in the middle of the epic war, that started the entire division of the land. Although he was on the side of light, he stopped all from fighting, by putting up the thickest, tallest, earth walls known. Although the wall was destroyed by the on-slaughter of dragons, it stalled the fight, for centuries.

Characters Apparence: Medium length, blonde hair. Blue eyes, and a martial arts komono attire ( half white, half black. )

Characters Weapons: He uses a wooden staff, engraved with his name on the top of it. Only he can use the staff, for if anyone else touches it, they get an immediate shock of electricity, bouncing them from the staff. He also carries a katana, an original katana, crafted amongst the first ever to be created, and amongst one of the only ancient katanas, still remaining. It has his name engraved at the tip of the blade. Once again, only he can use it, but instead of electricity, it's unknown what comes from it.. Everytime someone other then he touches it, it is a different defense mechanism, due to all of the creaures, it has slayed..
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PostSubject: Re: Character Biography ; Paladin   Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:14 pm

Nice, sorry bio needed a comment [x
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Character Biography ; Paladin
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