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 Hm... A sleepover... with Allie?! (Part 3)

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PostSubject: Hm... A sleepover... with Allie?! (Part 3)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:30 pm

After being robbed, the silent boy, thinking, was backwards, turning sharply on his heel. He walks toward where he came, he seems to look straight, again, no emotion. He seesm to finally see a sign "La Boulangerie" Recognizing the sign, and sets his pace towards it, remembering the sweet bread. His mind stablizes, and his soul settles, after being awoken from his anger. He sees the waitress, but pays no attention to him. The waitress does the opposite, she looks to the Assassin, she full of emotion, she again, fixes her hair. He seems to look to the waitress, he rest his elbow on the table.
She comes to him, in a graceful, almost fake manner. "Oh, Hello. How are you?" She asks eagerly, he looks at her, but then speaks. "I'm fine, and you?" She shrieks at the sound of his voice, and then yells out loud "I'm Fine!". He feels embarrased, but he keeps his gaze at her. She pulls on his scarf, flirty, and pulls him tightly to the kitchen. Although, hesistant, he follows. When they enter the kitchen, he sees the poor boy, and a man covered in flour. She yells in a famliar language to him, "Père, Mère! Il est venu, mon amour, il est venu!" She yells. He looks at her, a bit confused, but knew what she was talking about. He waves, at her father, and then to the small boy. "Aladenite, go do the dishes" His father says to him slightly. The small boy, or Adalenite, walks toward a wooden, old, door. "So, you boy, how about staying for the night?" His father says with a serious face. "Yes! He can sleep with me" The girl says suddenly. "Er.. No, that won't be needed" He says, in a quiet tone. "No, Allie, you will not sleep with him!" Her father yells demanding. She, disappointed, walks toward the serving area. Her father, and the boy, stare in silence.
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Hm... A sleepover... with Allie?! (Part 3)
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